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Posted by Elizabeth Wingard 04/30/2014

Who Says Pathologists Don't Have a Sense of Humor?

Pathologists, particularly forensic pathologists and medical examiners, seem to provoke endless curiosity from Hollywood television writers. The pathology fascination can be seen in shows throughout the years like Quincy ME, Body of Proof, Rizzoli and Isles, and the CSI shows:

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Posted by Elizabeth Wingard 04/22/2014

Give Power to the Pathologists in Digital Pathology

When you boil it down to the bones, digital pathology needs to do one thing: make life easier for pathologists. Their role involves supporting physicians and patients across many institutions, geographies and hardware. They need to integrate all they do with their LISs. The end result has to be a better, faster, smarter, and easier to use workflow environment.

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Posted by Elizabeth Wingard 04/02/2014

Digital Pathology - The Incremental Push and Pull of Change

Major changes rarely evolve in a linear fashion. It usually comes down to a group of people pushing forward a new model while another group holds on with both hands to the status quo. Then a small group in the middle plays its role as the bridge to both sides.

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Posted by Elizabeth Wingard 02/21/2014

Medical Tourism and Digital Pathology – what does one have to do with the other?

Maybe not much, but it got us thinking. There has been some buzz lately about medical tourism funneling revenues away from US hospitals to overseas providers that offer popular procedures at lower cost.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that up to 750,000 US residents travel abroad to get care each year, while other sources put the number at closer to a million. The most common procedures sought by US residents in other countries include cosmetic surgery, dentistry, and heart surgery. The impetus for this mini-exodus is the hunt for cheaper medical procedures. 

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Posted by Elizabeth Wingard 11/26/2013

“We gave up looking at pathology slides a long time ago”

Keith J. Kaplan, MD

                        Carolinas Healthcare System

Charlotte, NC

Imagine, if you will, a left-handed bicycle tire, a right-handed fork or a tumor board without, well, pathology images of the tumor.

Tumor boards are a multi-disciplinary conference where patients (cases) are presented – their clinical history, radiology findings, and pathology findings (whether biopsy or resection material) – are presented to clinicians for discussions on treatment, management, and best patient care.

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Posted by Richard Wingard 09/11/2013

Lessons learned from Radiology’s digital migration

Richard Wingard

CEO, Euclid Discoveries

Co-founder, Corista

30 years ago, as the University of Kansas implemented the first PACS system, 60% of Radiologists vowed they’d never read anything but film on a white box. Most radiologists predicted a stunning collapse for the new-fangled digital radiology, certain it’d never get off the ground.

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Posted by Elizabeth Wingard 08/20/2013

Welcome to Our Digital Pathology Blog

Welcome to the Corista blog. We look forward to this forum for sharing news, stories and experiences in how physicians are using digital pathology. Our goal is a broad conversation on the support of physicians and scientists as they increasingly use digital pathology in clinical and research environments. 

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