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Posted by Corista 07/14/2020

Corista Receives Patent Grant for the Virtual Slide Stage

Corista, an integrated pathology solutions leader, has received from the USPTO a Patent Grant for the Virtual Slide Stage (VSS). The VSS is an interface device that greatly improves the ergonomic efficiency of digital slide viewing for pathologists. Use of the device should  ease the path to greater adoption of digital pathology platforms, via mitigation of what is now a laborious and physically tiring process when using currently available technology.

Posted by Corista 10/23/2019

Pathologists: Why Go Scanner Agnostic for Your Image Management System?

The key to unlocking the broad benefits of digital pathology, including more efficient use of resources, easy access to colleagues & experts, faster clinical workflows — depends on having an image management system providing broad access to every image in the repository for users to view and share.

Topics: Slide Management

Posted by Corista 10/18/2016

Who’s looking at your digital atlas?

In the pre-PowerPoint era of the 1980s, armed with a carousel filled with 35mm slides, I traveled the country giving an introductory presentation on ploidy and cell cycle analysis. We now lightheartedly refer to this period as my “What’s a pixel? talk” years. To create the slides, I sketched out the layout for each on a sheet of copy paper, and then faxed them to Houston where a delightful gentleman named Jim would magically create the Kodachromes. This usually involved a phone call or two to talk about colors and fonts, following which Jim would mail the slides to me a week or two later.

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